Hi gang!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to menswear 101!

To start off, I’d like to familiarize everyone with the class format. This wordpress blog (uormenswear.wordpress) will host all of the lessons. I will try to do two lessons per week, though that may slow down or speed up, depending on how much other work I have. Any assignments I post should be submitted to their thread in r/uormenswear. Assignments are optional, though they should be interesting so at least give them a look.

Here is the tentative lesson plan. Each topic is one lesson.


Menswear vocabulary part 1

Menswear vocabulary part 2

Matching: colors, patterns, and textures

Getting the right fit

Alterations and tailoring etiquette

Bonus: DIY Time!


British menswear

American menswear

Italian menswear

Menswear around the world

Influential figures in menswear history

Bonus: Menswear Success Stories


Menswear on the runway

Rise of the iGent


Modern movers and shakers

The future of menswear

Bonus: E-Commerce FTW!

That should about cover it. It sounds like a lot, I know, but I’ll try to keep it fun and informative. All in all, this class should last about as long as a usual school semester.

Good luck!



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